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Bump Update: 33 Weeks


Weeks ago it was as if someone pushed a button and Autumn just was.  There was that crispness to the air and the need to start to layer after a summer where we got to wear SHORTS and feel good about it (pretty significant for England).

We’ve got so much to look forward to in autumn.  The food, Bonfire Night (that is an ACTUAL thing),  traditional carnival in the Southwest, our annual Thanksgiving, celebrating six years of marriage, and of course, the arrival of this little one.

I feel my natural instincts kicking in that delivery isn’t too terribly far away.  Today I spent hours de-cluttering and reorganizing our bedroom – and it.was.glorious.   After doing my Big Night In post, I have this CRAZY desire to make S’more cookies.  I want to paint.  I want to do furniture renovations.   My body is telling me to get this house ready and I’m glad I have (hopefully!) a few more weeks to do it.

And to spend time with this little monster once I begin my maternity leave.

Here’s to autumn!




What I Love

It’s Valentine’s Day, but you already know that.   I mean, hopefully you know that or you might find yourself cursing at the computer and making a mad dash to your nearest supermarket to peruse the picked-through cards.   And for all people complain about it being a Hallmark holiday, which it is, I don’t really understand why anyone would ever really take issue with a day that is meant to remind people how much you love them.  Unless, perhaps, you have experienced the almighty wrath of a woman who has been overlooked on this of all days.  Then you, understandably, might be bitter.

There was a photo competition being hosted over at Love All Blogs and I only took the time today to read up about what it was about.  It was a link up asking bloggers to post a photo of what they love on their blogs.  Unfortunately (and in true Foreigner fashion) the competition ended mid-day today, and since I read it as “midnight,” I’ve missed the competition, but I don’t care (I mean aside from missing out on a free photobook for entering), because I still want to talk about something I love.  So, here it is, encapsulated in this little moment of our lives caught on film.

The Duchess says, "Happy Daddytine's Day"

Obvious?  Yes.  Cheesy?  The Cheesiest.  But it’s more than just loving two people.  I love them together.  She beams when he enters a room.  She cries when he leaves – even if it’s to go to the kitchen.  He has learnt every song (ahem: and dance) to In the Night Garden and performs them every.single.day. just to make her chuckle.

There is something about seeing the one who helped you create a life love that little life to the point of feeling overpowered by the intensity of it.  It is brilliant.  It fills my heart to brimming every time I witness his love for her, her love for him.  Them.  Just them.  I love this today and every single day.

What is the something you love?