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Bump Update: 27 weeks


I’ve been so laid back this pregnancy.

I went to have my bloods taken last Friday and my midwife did my first fundal height measurement.  The baby is only measuring on the 10th percentile and I’m all,  “::shrug::  Yup.  Okay.”

If that would have been the case with The Duchess, my butt would have been Googling the heck out of fundal measurements before my feet hit the parking lot.   But it just so happens that my midwife was super laid back my last pregnancy so she always saw me and said, “You’re growing” and didn’t chart my measurements – well, because it was obvious that things were heading in the right direction.

I’m bigger right now than I was during my first pregnancy and after having an 8lb 3oz’er on the first go, I’m not at all worried about this little one packing on the pounds he needs before he arrives.   Plus, I know my own body well enough to know that I have a tiny frame.  Always have.  And something in a chart can’t account for how all women carry.

While knowing what to expect and not going into “crazy pregnant lady mode” is useful the 2nd time around, it hasn’t at all been useful for planning.   I just tend not to do it because I think most things we need will be lying around.

So, we have a baby carrier and a double pushchair.

That’s enough, right?



This milestone in my pregnancy has opened my eyes to the fact we do need to do at least a little bit of thinking about what else we need before baby arrives.  So here we go – 13 weeks left – better get cracking.

Any suggestions for #2?