About The Foreigner

Hi Friends. I’m The Foreigner.  Wanna hang out?

I’m an American living in the UK and I’m married to The Native. He’s British. Always has been.

We became puppy parents to The Big Brown One in 2008. He’s big, clumsy and wields the tail of mass destruction as his unwitting weapon of choice.

We added to our family in 2011 when our little girl was born. She is The Duchess.

While the rest of my family is British (the Big Brown One even loves his tea), I am not from here. Sure, I’ve started to adapt more and more over the years, but becoming a parent has meant that new layers of Britishness that I was unaware of are now coming to light. Being a first-time mom makes life interesting, but being a first-time mom in another culture can just be downright awkward.

I write about love, work, relationships, being a mom (mum?  I still don’t know what to call myself), culture and trying to figure out exactly what a home is and how I go about finding it.


7 thoughts on “About The Foreigner

  1. Natalie B

    Wow, The Duchess really looks like her dad. She is beautiful.

    I think we are most definitely living parallel lives lol. My son was born in June too… : )

  2. avicarswife

    i really identify with this blog…i married a brit in 2007 and moved over here. we just had our first daughter eight weeks ago and i decided to blog about my life in the uk. how funny! thanks for writing. 🙂

  3. Lisa

    Pretty much my story too! And you’re right being a parent in a different culture then your own is tough at times! My now 4 year old corrects my American words. What is that all about?? :0) great blog!


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