25 Weeks 6 Days

Today I am 25 weeks and 6 days pregnant.

A strange milestone to point out, admittedly – not a round number – not even the milestone of the 3rd trimester.  My family will know this number.   They will remember it.   For my sister and brother-in-law those numbers will conjure intense memories of fear and hope because on January 1st at 25 weeks and 6 days pregnant, my niece and nephew were born.  Unbelievably small.  Fragile.  Dependent on modern medicine for survival.  Oblivious to the road ahead.  Here.  Living.  Loved.



There were times in the earliest days that we feared the worst.  The absolute unthinkable.  Where we longed to wrap our arms around my family – to hold them because we could do nothing else.  My husband and I made tentative plans in case I needed to get on a plane in a moment’s notice.  It seemed we were all holding our breath.

We did make that trip home.  Weeks ago we flew across the Atlantic to meet thriving, growing, beautiful babies.  They are home from hospital.  Living.  Loved.  And so unbelievably adorable.  Am I right?  Image


Today, I feel the movements of the baby within.  He’s a kicker in a way that his sister never was. I watch my stomach jump as he faces another bout of hiccups. I look forward to the day we go to hospital, hold him in our arms and introduce him to his big sister.   And I am so grateful that I am blessed to continue to carry him.  I don’t take these precious days and weeks for granted.

No one should because mothers all over the world, today, this very night, are facing the emotions that my sister and brother-in-law did just over 7 months ago.  Those same emotions of overwhelming fear as they hold on to hope, praying through each moment of each day because their sweet babies have arrived far too soon.

To find out more about premature birth and to support families who will so appreciate the smallest acts of care and kindness for their babies, please have a look at the links below.

If you are in the US and know a family who has had a premature baby, you can arrange for a free care package to be sent by visiting Graham’s Foundation.

If you are in the UK, you can order a free TLC package from Pop N’ Grow for families who have a premature or ill baby.  You can also order a free clothing modification pack for babies who have special medical needs.  Their clothing is adapted to fit over the wires and tubes that often come with treating these little ones.

Pop N’ Grow is aiming to raise £3000 by the end of this month.  Would you please consider donating via their site or sharing their site to raise the profile of this great organisation?


4 thoughts on “25 Weeks 6 Days

  1. Natalie

    Had my son at 25 weeks. He’s now a cheeky 2 year old. Miracles can happen. And these 2 are proof of that too 🙂


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