Bump Update: Week 17 & Birthing Plans


Today I tweeted a lady who had a bowl of sick in her lap on her drive home because she is 9 weeks into pregnancy and struggling with morning sickness.   That is pregnancy (or one part of it, anyway).  I am SO glad to be on the other side of all of the nausea and am feeling really good, despite some occasional hip pain.

I saw my lovely midwife when I hit 17 weeks and we started talking about birthing options for this little one.   When I was pregnant with The Duchess, The Native and I were pretty relaxed about our birthing plan, opting to use the birthing centre and pool if it was free (there is only room to facilitate one birth at a time there), knowing that we’d likely end up on Labour Ward instead.  We were possibly a bit TOO relaxed about it all because I nearly popped that kid out in our upstairs bathroom – only making it to the hospital in time for the grand finale.   We are talking a Richard Curtis style labor.  Yeah Rich, call me if you want some ideas for your next film.

While speaking to the midwife this week, we got onto the topic of home births.  I was only curious about how many women opt for them.  Genuinely.  It’s not something that I know is commonly done in the States, but we have known a few people here who have gone that route, including our very best friends with their 2nd child.

It was then that my midwife is all, “You would be PERFECT for a home birth.”  And that is when, friends, I got this image of my husband’s face that will be forever seared into my memory bank.  That look he had when I woke him up in the middle of the night shouting, “THE BABY IS PUSHING!”  That is the look I knew I’d likely get if I went home and said, “Hey honey, Let’s do this thing in the family room.”  Because when we nearly unintentionally had The Duchess at home, it was pretty freaking terrifying.

Who knows?  We have time to think about it.  I know planning to stay at home is different than not having the choice.

Anyone reading who can offer guidance/thoughts on home birthing?  Would you or wouldn’t you?


11 thoughts on “Bump Update: Week 17 & Birthing Plans

  1. Jenn @ A Simple Haven

    I laughed out loud at your midwife’s comment–and at the image of your husband’s face.

    Sounds like you and I had a similar birthing experience with our #1s–my labor was only 4 hours long and I delivered baby girl 20 minutes after arriving at the hospital. #2 came after 2 hours of labor and 30 minutes in the hospital. I keep telling my husband I can’t possibly get the kids to childcare and myself to the hospital any faster, so we should just go ahead an plan for a home-birth, if there is a #3.

    Truly, only focusing on the image of me birthing a kid amidst my children and two cats would deter me. And the fact that I’m a total postpartum princess–there are no nurses at home :(.

    Good luck on the birth plan 😉

  2. Living Life as an Expat Parent Post author

    Hi Jenn! Thanks for stopping by and adding your tuppence. (You can use that one, if you like). I am loving your blog and check it pretty regularly.

    She has said to me that this one is likely to be faster, which is why she thinks I’d be suitable for home birthing. But she has also said I need to insist on coming in sooner this time if I’m doing a birthing centre or labour ward birth.

    I totally get you about that image. I feel like it could be perfect if it happens in the middle of the night while The Duchess is sleeping, but holy cow does it freak me right out to think about a midday birth with L running around and trying to join me in our self-erected home birthing pool while the dog tries to drink from it. Obviously there are ways around both, but I sometime veer towards the dramatic. xo

    1. Jenn @ A Simple Haven

      Yes, I veer with you. 🙂

      And I look forward to using “tuppence” in a sentence as soon as possible. The Hubs is getting tired of “wee,” so it was probably time for a new favorite word anyway.

  3. Deborah

    I thought the best part about the labor/delivery/recovery part with my #2 was NOT being at home. I got a break for my toddler (that I adore, but you know, we all need a break), a tv to myself, nurses to give me drugs and ice packs as needed, plus they took the baby when I needed a nap and I picked up the phone, ordered what I wanted for dinner and someone delivered it to me. It was pretty awesome. So for that reason I would not consider a home birth, plus we had a pretty scary experience with Landon, they to do an emergency c-section because the cord was wrapped around him and when my water broke it started cutting off his oxygen supply. They had to get him out pretty quick and had we not been in a hospital with those capabilities we very well could have lost him. It is becoming more common in the US though, there’s a clip of Jim Gaffigan talking about it that is pretty funny. (It’s not anti home birth, his wife had all 4 of theirs at home.) Praying for all the best for you no matter what you decide. 🙂

    1. Living Life as an Expat Parent Post author

      We didn’t stay in hospital long last time. We were eager to get home so I went home with her on the same day she was born. I think our big hurdle is the nature of her delivery last time as she needed an assisted delivery. It is the idea of immediate access to emergency medical care that puts us off.

  4. Steve Jewell

    Hi Britt

    I’m one of 6 myself and all bar one was born at home. That said, I wouldn’t vote for a home birth simply because, if anything goes wrong, I want to be in a place surrounded by trained professionals with the right kit.

    This value of this was proved with Ben’s birth when we went from 1 midwife to about 5 of ’em, and a crash cart, in the blink of an eye. Cord wrapped around the neck and mirconium in the waters and into his lungs. Risk that at home? I don’t think so.

    Anyway, I guess better safe than sorry sums it up.

    Blokes point of view


    PS I can completely picture that look on his face…..

    1. Living Life as an Expat Parent Post author

      Thanks for commenting, Steve. Yes, the medical side is worth considering, definitely, but while I’ve been thinking about it, I’ve actually found that what is most important to me is that if we were to go the home birth route, is an option we could “relax” in. I truly believe that a big part of coping with labour is the mental aspect – and if we can’t relax or don’t feel comfortable, it’s going to be a more stressful process.

      Always interesting to hear it from the father’s perspective!

  5. Monique

    What a *fabulous* midwife! I love that homebirth is one of the mainstream birth options here in the UK. I have many friends state-side who have had homebirths and they all loved being in their own comfort zones, laboring in their own safe spaces, not subject to institutional routines or exposed to hospital germs. I went for a ‘middle’ option, a midwife-assisted labor in a free standing birthing center, and had great experiences (all three times). As you make your own decision, just think about what will work for *you* and for your family — that’s what matters. Love the bump photo, you look beautiful!

    1. Living Life as an Expat Parent Post author

      Hi Monique! I am leaning more towards that option. I only wish that using the birthing centre could be more definite here, but it’s really luck of the draw (or luck of labour, I guess). Sounds like you had lovely birth experiences. Thank you for the kind compliment. xo


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