We have been back from America for well over a month.  When we initially returned I made a number of allowances for The Duchess during her bedtime routine.  And by routine I mean “bedtime free-for-all.”  (Because that’s the same thing, right?)

I blame myself.  I totally do.  But when you arrive in America and your child looks like this for the first 3 days:Image

And then looks like this upon your return:Image

It meant that I wanted to be patient with her preciously tiny little body-clock, fully expecting we’d soon be back on track.

But we are nearing the end of February and bedtime has instead become an hour long (+) process filled with impromptu Thomas stories  and the ever-present request to join her in her bed and hold her hand.  And it gets REALLY cramped in there.

Tonight was the night.

I clenched my jaw and steadied my hands as I prepared myself for war.  I sometimes watch Supernanny when there is nothing else on TV.  I knew what I was in for. Hours of screaming?  We’d just have to endure it.  Cries for Mommy?  I was doing this for her own good.  Claims that she’d pooped herself?  My nose would be the judge of that.  I know her tricks.

I read her final book of the night, reached over to switch off her lamp and placed her in her cot.

She was asleep in 20 minutes.  

(Ahem) It might have been 15 if I hadn’t run in there, convinced that she was going to use her crazy climbing skills to Parkour her toddler behind over the side of her cot.

20 minutes!!!  We have been doing this for 7 weeks.  SEVEN.  I am such a sucker.


5 thoughts on “Sucker

  1. Leanne - The Mommy Radar

    I just checked your “About” page to see how old The Duchess is. Born in 2011, eh? So was my little guy and I’m STILL nursing him to sleep. A 45 minute process since the first half is him doing gymnastics with my nipple in his mouth. The sad part is that this disaster takes places in my FOUR year old’s room who doesn’t yet fall asleep totally on her own.

    Pass that sucker title over to me. Or, better yet, send over Supernanny.

    1. MsXpat

      LOL Leanne we”ll have to fight for that sucker badge. My son is now 2 yrs old. We don’t always have story time at night, some times he favours watching Thomas on the iPad to drift off to sleep. Then I or his dad will put him in his bed but he wakes EVER night/dawn and comes to our bed. Considering he figets when he sleep and sometimes has nightmares, I’m being beaten in my sleep or being pushed out of bed. Still too tired to tackle it as we have a 10 weeks old baby a tantrum from him mean she will be woken and you can imagine how things would go after that….

      Well done Expat Parent! Enjoy sweet sleep.

    2. Living Life as an Expat Parent Post author

      It’s good to know that others can relate. She was still a bit tearful tonight, but did better. Hoping by the end of the week it’ll be pretty straightforward, although a part of me wants to run in, scoop her up and rock her to sleep because there is very little time in life to do such things. I feel myself breaking!


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