Why It Means Something

I am bad at blogging.

Bad at what is involved, anyway.

I am  bad at networking.  I’m bad at taking the time to read other blogs.  I’m bad at building relationships on Twitter.  I’m bad at posting regularly.   I shudder when I think of moving to a self-hosted site, even with a live-in IT nerd.   Work fills my days.  Chores sometimes (ahem – sooometimes) fill my nights and I just can’t find the reserves to invest all that I think a really great blog deserves.

But I love writing.  And there are many, many writers out there who are so much better than I am.  I know that.  I try to read their posts when I can find the time.

I love writing.  I love to bring people into the world inside of my head.  The world that is ticking over constantly, processing how life and the world and parenting work.

I didn’t feel I deserved to mention the MAD blogging awards this year – or any blogging awards for that matter.  I didn’t feel I offered enough.    I just thought I’d have a little look at the nominations for Blog of the Year.  There are 100’s.  Even so, I didn’t believe mine would be one.  Honestly.  Hand on heart,  honestly.

And maybe to you, when there are 400+ nominees already, you might not feel it means that much.  But when I scrolled through that list, scanning it on a whim, and saw that someone, who I had never asked, felt that the tiny bit that I can offer deserved a little bit of recognition, it actually meant a hell of a lot.

It may have been you, Mom.  You may have remembered from last year and you have now performed another one of your motherly duties.  If so, I love you for that.

But if not and it was you – Thanks.  Genuinely.


4 thoughts on “Why It Means Something

    1. Living Life as an Expat Parent Post author

      Thanks for the comment. What do you find tricky? I found it much easier when I was home on maternity leave. I had time and space to think. Now so much of my thinking gets pulled into work that it can be hard to feel inspired to write.

  1. Mom

    I can not take credit where credit is due. I have to admit, unfortunately, I did not nominate you. I have failed in my motherly duties.

    With that said, I do greatly appreciate being able to read your blog which allows me to understand your thoughts and experiences in the expat world. Reading your blogs and looking at the *likes* you’ve received from other bloggers and followers, it’s easy to see why you were nominated.

    To that anonymous person out there from me to you…..Thank you!

    Love and Kisses…….


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