The Tale of a Pink Potty

Weeks ago we bought a little pink potty to keep in the bathroom.  The Duchess is still quite young to potty train, but we wanted to begin the conversation about toilet training and if I’m being honest, in the deep, dark places of my prideful Mommy heart, I hoped she would be a potty using phenom.  I imagined she’d spot the potty, whip off her nappy and with triumph in her eyes, she would never look back.

We talked about it.  I gave her a chocolate button (or 5) for sitting on it.  We were on our way.

Tonight as I as prepared her bath, I took her nappy off and asked her if she wanted to sit on her pink potty.  “No. Duck?” she said as she stood on her tiptoes and stretched her arms over the high edge of our tub and down towards the bathwater.

I moved in closely and replied, “Fine, but if you need a wee or poo, you need to tell Mommy.”


I handed her the duck and leaned over to check the temperature of the water when I heard short and sharp breaths.  Ahead of the game, I spun around quickly and said, “If you need a poo, you need to tell Mommy.”

Again she said, “Yes,” and satisfied, I turned to resume the bathtime routine when I saw it.   Lying on the bath mat.   It was perfectly formed.  I didn’t even know you could accomplish that while standing.

I think I may have possibly set the bar too high.


14 thoughts on “The Tale of a Pink Potty

      1. kramerjen

        LOL, I know the feeling. I put my art skills to the test and drew a cute Elmo and Abby potty chart, but it’s now sitting in the closet. Can’t wait to be able to pull it out again!

      1. 1tric

        If you were in my circle of friends you would regularly shout that from the roof tops! with a glass of something in your hand. Good post. well done!

  1. Deborah

    That’s funny. My daughter has been asking to use the potty a lot (she’s also a few months shy of 2) but I think it has to do with that fact that we were potty training her brother last year, so for almost 8 months we were all constantly in the potty. We’ve only had a few successes though, she always wants her diaper off, sits for a minute and then tries to run off somewhere so she can poop standing up. I think it is hard for them at first to get the hang of pooping while sitting down. Good luck!!!

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