I’ve Got to Get Away

Dream a little.  Where would you go to get away for a few days?  Would it be a beachside resort, a bustling urban hotel or a quaint cottage in the countryside?  Seriously.  I’d love to know.

When The Native and I were dating he made me a book while I was working abroad in Russia.  In it he talked about the things he’d like to see with me in the years to come.  This was one of them:

Things have been busy lately.  It’s mostly because I’ve started a demanding new role at work.  That new role and an added day of work each week is running this girl’s batteries right down to zilch.  It’s frustrating to come home and feel so drained without any view in sight of a respite from it all.

For a couple of months we’ve toyed around with the idea of a little getaway.  We thought maybe we’d book something for our anniversary.  It came and went and the idea passed us by.

We never commit, we just toy with the idea and that doesn’t achieve anything when you need to recharge your batteries.  I need a break, I know it, but I also come up with a list of excuses about how our money could be better spent:

  • Saving for a house
  • Christmas presents
  • Saving for a house.

And well…that’s about it.

I started to let the idea die.  I thought about how we had plans to see my family over the Christmas period.  Perhaps I needed to think of this as the mini-break I was longing to have.  The trip back “home.”  We’d make the most of it.

We’re flying through New York.  Just a layover.  It’s always just a layover

But what if….?   Could we…?  Dare we….?  We’ve never actually ventured beyond the walls of JFK before and we’d be taking a 1 year old – no, not just a one year old, A JETLAGGED ONE YEAR OLD into New York City.

To take that leap, I was going to need some reassurance.  Could we afford it?  What kind of location could we get on our budget?  If we booked, could we sitesee easily with a toddler in tow?  Could we quickly pop back to the hotel if she wasn’t coping?

I hopped on Skyscanner to look up information about hotels in New York.  I came across their tips highlighting what New York has on offer, which also provided insightful advice about how to find the best hotel bargains in the city.

The idea of standing in the glow of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Plaza, of taking a scenic walk through a snow-covered Central Park, of letting the Duchess stand in the aisles of a festive FAO Schwarz– it pulled me right in.  New York at Christmas was just too good to pass up.

With access to hundreds of hotels at my fingertips, I started my search.  Skyscanner allows you to specify everything from how much you can afford to whether the place offers a pillow top mattress.  (Yes, please!)  It also offers a succinct thumbs up/thumbs down overview of how other travellers felt about the hotel, “34 people said this hotel had a dirty bathroom.”  Blech – No, thank you.  That is the kind of stuff I need to know.  They even give you the option of choosing a theme.  If you are looking for a romantic getaway or just passing by for business, it’ll suggest the hotels that will most fit your needs.  Because it would be a whirlwind trip, we chose siteseeing as our theme.   The ability to narrow down your search, if needed, means that you really can find a hotel that’s right for you.

I spent hours – HOURS – dreaming up where we could go.  The downside was if I wanted to sneak the tablet under the duvet in the wee hours of the night to continue the search, Skyscanner doesn’t yet have a hotel app for mobile devices.  It does have a fantastic free downloadable flight app for iPhone and Android.  They are currently developing their mobile app for hotels.

We found a place within our budget in Midtown, just around the corner from the Empire State Building and within walking distance of all of the places that are at the top of our list.

We are going to New York at Christmastime.  Where would you go to getaway?

Thinking of visiting New York yourself (hey, let’s grab a coffee!)?  Get advice and information on how to book a cheap flight.


Disclosure: Skyscanner provided a hotel voucher as a means of fully using and reviewing their website. 


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