The Wooden Anniversary and Cluedo

The Native and I recently celebrated five years of marriage.  Apparently, it’s the “wooden” anniversary.  He had already had flowers delivered to me at work earlier in the week.  The Native is good at gifts.  Impressively so.  I knew he’d have something lovely and theme-appropriate up his sleeve.

I scoured the internet with Google’s help, trying to get my creative juices flowing.  Google, you were absolutely USELESS.

I panicked and on the actual day in a state of blind desperation, picked up a wooden boxed edition of Cluedo (Clue).  I handed it to him in the car trying to sell him the awesomeness of my poorly planned gift.

Mrs White in the Laundry Room with a potato peeler.

“Hey, we don’t have any board games where we can just sit down at night and whip one of those suckers out for a rip-roaring good time.”

“Have you played Cluedo?”  he replied.

“Of course I have.  I loved it as a kid.  Colonel Mustard in the kitchen with the hacksaw.  There was a hacksaw, right?”

“You’ve never played Cluedo,” he stared at me trying to read me.

“I have!” I looked down at the box and saw 3+ players.  “Ahem.  Well, we could give The Duchess a set of cards and use hand gestures to try and get her to communicate whether our guesses are correct or not.”

He smiled and graciously replied, ” Thaaaaanks, honey. ”

I knew it was a longshot.  WHO CAME UP WITH THESE GIFT THEMES?!

We stared a bit more.  I contemplated and then knew it was the right move to make.   “Let’s take it back.  It was £30.”

“30 QUID!?!  What?!?  For Cludeo because it’s in a wooden box?!”

We returned it minutes later.

We instead settled for amazing food out at one of our favourite restaurants.

That, my friends, is marriage.


7 thoughts on “The Wooden Anniversary and Cluedo

  1. scribblefingers

    I remember my mom wondering what to get her godson for his paper anniversary! I mean, really? What can you get besides diaries and books – but unless you know the couple really well it’s difficult to buy a good book they would both enjoy. I don’t know what she got in the end, but she sure spent ages thinking about it!


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