Party in the UK

This is the last birthday post.  Promise.   And it’s mostly photos, so give me a break, okay?!  I’m in my first year as a mother and I’m a feeler.  You had to know I was going to need room to process it all.

I couldn’t pass up these Heads Up animal party bags and invitations from Paperchase.  I’m just sad that I didn’t spot their Heads Up cake stand!

This is my first ever attempt at working with fondant icing.  The black was quite hard to work with because it showed up every little fleck and imperfection.  I thought I could clean it up by wetting it a bit….MISTAKE.  Ah well, you live you learn.  I used a ladybird mould from Marks and Spencer which was a really easy guide for strategic icing placement.

Since my dream of being cast as Eponine in Les Misérables has never come to fruition, I instead take full advantage of every opportunity I have to belt out, “Happy Birthday” to a captive audience.  The Duchess loves a good song and dance, but really didn’t know what to make of 15 people staring her down and singing directly to her.  Also, notice the candle has already gone out.  I am too lost in my (ahem) her moment to notice.

A spotty dress, a spotty cake, and a spotty first birthday present are essential.  We are unsure how she’d cope with a ride-on,  but she is loving her new Hippychick ladybird wheelybug.  So she treats it like The Big Brown One and pulls it around the house like it’s a giant ladybird on a lead – I say that is way better than sitting on the thing.

And the highlight?   Talking IgglePiggle, oh and the teeny tiny fact that Grams flew over the Atlantic to spend the week with the birthday girl.  The bags under my eyes are because of that blasted ladybird cake.  Who knew what exhausting work baking a cake could be?!   She might have to be an only child because I don’t know if I can handle making more than one of those a year.


8 thoughts on “Party in the UK

  1. Ana Gaby

    Very very cute! I went all out for my Evan’s first birthday and I wanted him to feel like he was the most important person that day. He did. Your daughter is lucky to have such a caring mommy, who by the way is probably an amazing singer!

    1. Living Life as an Expat Parent Post author

      That’s what I’ve been told. I should have thrown a party with some stale store-bought cupcakes from the clearance shelf and a limp balloon in the corner. What have I done? (I have somewhat perfectionist tendencies. Getting the “theme” exactly where I wanted would have required more time for crafts and would require more money than I can rationally spend).

  2. Expat Mammy

    Looks like a fun day, Im about to embark on the stressful journey that is the 2nd birthday party


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