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At one stage in my childhood my Dad was a sports broadcaster.  I grew up being the +1 on my Dad’s press pass as I tagged along to college basketball games, professional football games, baseball games, and ice hockey matches.  I know sports and I love them, but I don’t love them equally.  There is a time of year I love more than any other.  It is a time of unpredictability of Cinderella stories and game winning buzzer beaters.  It is college basketball.  It is March Madness.

I remember participating in my Mom’s work brackets when I was only 12 years old.  I remember falling on my knees and covering my eyes in front of the TV in university in the final seconds of another exhilarating game.  For a few weeks every year, my TV was on throughout the day as 64 became 32 became 16, then 8, then 4, and the final 2.

Being an expat has meant that 8 years have passed  since I’ve seen The Madness in its fullness and every year I really, really miss it, but I can’t justify buying into Sky solely for this reason and then, on top of that, paying the additional charge of £9/month for access to ESPN America.  I felt like I just had to learn to let go of the idea that I’d ever fully get to participate in the rollercoaster of March Madness while I lived abroad.

But then I heard about UnoTelly.  UnoTelly gives you access to your favourite programmes, no matter where you live, at a fraction of the cost of digital packages.  That’s right, my friends – I can now access The Madness along with so many of my favourite American television programmes.   You don’t have to be an expat to benefit from UnoTelly. The Native and I love great television and it can give us access to shows like Modern Family, Parks & Recreation, *Homeland and Game of Thrones.   And for Brits abroad, you get access to the likes of BBC iPlayer and Channel 4 OD.  No more waiting for months on end for the programme to reach your distant shores, but you can instead watch them the week they air.  

What we love and what we’ve learnt: 

  • Have you ever gone to a channel’s website to try to watch a show only to find out that you are blocked from viewing it due to living abroad?  This is where UnoTelly comes in.  Signing up doesn’t give you access to the channels directly, but to their websites.  Registering with UnoTelly opens up access to all of the programming offered on each of these channels’ sites.
  • You can use your PC, Tablet, Mobile, or games console to watch your favourite programmes.  You will have to set it up on each of your devices, but we did that without any extra support thanks to their helpful set-up instructions.  If you’re technologically tentative,  they do have customer service reps at the ready.
  • While it’s useful to set it up on all of your devices, we found that using your laptop or PC seems to give you easiest access to the biggest selection of programmes.
  • The price.  It ranges from $4.95-$7.95 (apprx £3.20-£5.15) a month, depending on whether you go for their Premium or Gold package ( by comparison Sky digital is £19.50 – £52/month depending on your price package and that doesn’t include the initial installation fee).
  • *You’ll need to bear in mind that while ABC’s and NBC’s websites are free to watch, if you are looking for a programme that can only be accessed in America with cable, you would need to pay for access in the same way that you would if you were state-side.
  • It provides you access to an existing American Netflix account.  If you do have access to an account, it offers you 5x the selection of your foreign account.
  • We found it streams pretty smoothly.  Some channels seem to stream a bit better than others, but none are as stilted as what you’ll find with other providers.

Do you want to give UnoTelly a go?  Well, I’ve got a discount to give away that will give one reader 6 months free access to a Gold account.

To be in with a chance of winning 6 months free access to UnoTelly, leave a comment below telling me what TV programme you’ll be watching when you use UnoTelly.

If you don’t win, not to worry, “like” my facebook page: Life of an Expat Parent – and in the weeks to come, I’ll give 5 readers a chance to pick up a 25% discount.

Competition Rules for 6 months free access:

1 entry per reader.  

Entries are counted when a comment is left.  If more than one comment is left by a reader, those additional comments will be removed.  

The competition is open until midnight 4th June 2012.

After the competition closes, a winner will be selected.  The winner will be notified via e-mail.  If you do not respond within 3 days, another winner will be selected.  


UnoTelly has provided this service, free of charge, for the purpose of review.  All opinions are my own.

This giveaway is now closed.  


4 thoughts on “Watching your favourite TV shows abroad – UnoTelly

  1. bayta

    I might just have to get this! I miss the BBC SOOO much – how do the rest of the world live without it?!?!

  2. bigdecisionswithlittleroelets

    I would love this – I could finish the last ever season of Desperate Housewives rather than watch it on 4oD (we don’t have a TV licence so only watch iPlayer etc.) The suspense is killing me.

    Once that finished I would then start to watch (never-seen-by-me) Cake Boss.

    For, er, purely educational reasons of course. (I make cakes for half a living…)


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