The Olympics Come to Town

The last few days have seen Union Jacks and patriotic bunting waving in the wind as you walk through town and welcoming you from each of the shop windows.  I love big events.  I love pomp and circumstance.  I love having something to celebrate.  So in the build up to London 2012 and with the Olympic torch passing under our noses, I was ready to get out and about and to enjoy all the day had to offer.  Mr and Mrs Role Mama (Mrs is 38+ weeks pregnant and is SUCH a trooper) pottered around town from 10am-5pm.  I insisted we all wear red, white and blue.  We were those people and I was not at all sorry for it.  We explored a newly renovated museum, we sat in the sunshine and ate watermelon while listening to live music, and we just lived life slowly.  I long for days like these to linger on.   The Native then joined the festivities and we watched and waited for those 5 or so seconds when the designated torch-bearer would pass us by – and that was a bit of a surprise.  Here are some of the highlights.

Despite her Mummy’s excitement, The Duchess was underwhelmed by all of the hooplah.

Her best friend, Role Baby, however, was tooting away on her Union Jack vuvuzela.

The boys, donning their Union Jack capes, had mixed emotions.

When The Duchess awoke, she had more important matters to attend to than watching for the Olympic torch – like riding giant dogs.

And who was the torch-bearer to be when that highly anticipated moment came to pass?  The famous Somersetian……

…..Will-I-Am?!    Perhaps he has local farming roots or is just a bit partial to cider.

Very best of friends. More of these kind of days, please.


6 thoughts on “The Olympics Come to Town

  1. Expat Mammy

    Looks like a really fabulous day, I love events too. I’m actually quite sad to be missing all the excitement

  2. Sister

    Can we talk about the look of judgement written all over The Duchess’ face! Reminds me of a zoo photo of Merlin awhile back! haha 🙂

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