Precious Promises

I wrote this post last night before the fullness of today took over.  I wanted it to be a means of taking a snapshot of this moment in our lives.  It is personal, it feels vulnerable, but we both wanted to share it.  It really was a precious day.


Tomorrow is a significant day for our family.  And of course it figures that today The Duchess has, for the first and hopefully last time ever, tripped and smacked her eye on the corner of the coffee table.  Tomorrow, by the time this is posted and with her somewhat blackened eye, we will have stood in front of some of our close friends, family, and our church to have The Duchess dedicated.

Maybe that will hold some meaning for you.  Maybe you have no idea what I’m on about.  I don’t anticipate that everyone will agree with our decision, but I hope that you’ll read, reflect and, agree or not, engage a little bit with why we’ve made it.

The best way I know to explain it is to compare it to my wedding.  Maybe you can relate.  A wedding has a way of taking over your life.  There was the excitement, the hormonal crying, the panic, phone call after phone call and e-mail after e-mail, the money, the butterflies,  the dress shopping, the ridiculous amount of money, the occasional argument about wanting your groom to have an opinion but then trying to coax him that even though he preferred the turquoise, the tiffany blue was much better, oh and that desperate scraping for money  – but none of that mattered on the day.  Seriously, my dress ripped minutes before I was about to set off for the church -RIPPED – and I just didn’t care because in minutes, I was going to be standing in front of those I loved to proclaim my love and to bind myself publicly to my husband with precious promises.  Promises and statements about how we would care for, prioritize, and love each other.  Promises that, when taken seriously, would form a firm foundation for our marriage in the many years to come.  But to us they weren’t just tender words for one another, we decided to have a church wedding because we wanted it to be clear that, for us, they were promises before God.

Thankfully, The Duchess’s dedication day has required nothing like the months of preparation involved in planning a cross-cultural wedding.  This day was plopped in the diary and it was only last week that we started to organise the finer details of the day.   But the emotion is lingering in the air already.  The main requirement of the day?  To think through the promises we want to make to her as her parents.  Promises we will make before God and some our close friends and family. We, of course, also want to hand over our hopes and our fears.  These promises and statements are just as meaningful to us as the ones we made on our wedding day.  They are precious. They are carefully chosen words about the kind of parents we want to be, but it’s also an opportunity to hand our own hopes for her life over to God publicly, in front of some of the people who love her and will nurture her in the years to come.

This prayer could never sum up the deep emotion we feel about this day (we have been in tears tonight just writing it), but I hope it’ll give you a glimpse of our hearts for this little girl and for a God who we know loves her even more than we do.


Loving Father,

Thank you for choosing us to be parents to this sweet little girl.  It’s such a privilege and we don’t take it lightly. 

We thank you for her adventurous spirit and her happy personality.  We have been so blessed by the precious moments you have given us with her over this last year. 

 Help us to be parents who spiritually lead her, who show, by our example, what it means to know, love, and follow you.  Let us not solely rely on others for her spiritual upbringing, but please give us guidance on how to be the church to her – to love, nurture, encourage and challenge her as she grows. 

 Thank you for the friends and family we have who love her and who are such wonderful examples to us and to her.  We pray that as she gets older you’d put close friends and role models in her life who follow you and will encourage her to follow you – who will be a support to her as she investigates your word for herself.

 We pray that through this, she would come to know the love and forgiveness that you offer us in Jesus and that she would come to love him for herself, too.

Since her birth, we have so keenly become aware of our limitations as her parents.  We know that we cannot give her everything she will ever need, but we know that you can.  We ask for your hand on her life. We ask that you would keep her safe.   We pray that in the best moments of her life, she will praise you for all of the blessings you give her.  We pray in the hardest moments of her life, she would lean on you for comfort, for strength, and for peace.  We pray that whatever the circumstance, she would always know that you are with her. 

While it is so difficult to hand her over, we want to acknowledge that  you have sovereign plans for her life.  And so, we give her little life back to you and ask that your will be done. 



4 thoughts on “Precious Promises

  1. Natalie Bea

    Simply beautiful. This post resonates deeply with me. You have captured the true meaning of a dedication perfectly.

    When planning our son’s dedication a few weeks ago, I definitely felt like this is what planning our wedding next year will be like, but worse – arrggh. I’m secretly a bit terrified.

    Beautiful post and I hope the Duchess’ face isn’t bruised too badly xx


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