Mon Oeil

I have been so tired.  Sooooooo tired.  Like that kind of tired that doesn’t really hit you until the end of the day when you stop and it feels as though at some point between 7am and 6pm a bin lorry has actually run over your face.  And when I get this tired I’ve got this problem.

Last week when The Native and I were arguing having a mature, civilised conversation, he stopped for a minute and did the following:

1. Stared worryingly at my eye.

2. Moved closer in a jerking motion to get a better view.

3. “Um, ah,  eeeew, are you okay?”

4. Second-guessed this move during our mature, civilised conversation and moved back again.

5. Said, “Oh, it’s nothing.”

I knew.  He needn’t say any more.  It was Vince.

You know that vein in the center of Julia Roberts’ forehead?  You know, the one that, while watching Notting Hill on telly for the 42nd time, winked at you?  That really BIG vein?!    Vince and that vein go on holidays together.  (Don’t worry about Julia Roberts.  I’m sure she jokes about that vein like I joke about my voluptuous butt chin.) On days like today Vince taunts me from the mirror.  “Tired, are we?  Mwahahaha”  He is my vascular nemesis.  He is the bulging vein under my right eye.

Vince relishes in the spotlight weeks after I deliver The Duchess.

You may think I’m exaggerating, but I assure you I’m not.  Nor did I exaggerate any part of that non-conversation The Native and I had about Vince.  From The Native’s expression I think he was literally preparing for my face to explode.

It just so happens that last week while faffing around town, I decided to peruse TK Maxx’s beauty products.  While there, I came across Korres Materia Herba Moisturising Eye Cream – Anti Dark Circles.  What a mouthful, hey?   I loved the idea that it was an eye cream that was 97% natural and had restrictive standards that meant that the other 3% used no harsh chemicals.  You don’t want junk going into your eye that feels like your retina is being coated with acid.  But the moment I bought in was when I spotted this little line – this is a moisturiser for eye-puffiness and vascular imperfections.  I didn’t know if, at £9.99 for 15ml, it would make a difference but the war between me and Vince was officially about to commence.

You are meant to notice a difference after a few days of use, but as soon as I put it on I could feel my skin tighten around my eyes.  I’ve been using it once a day so far for about 5 days, and when my eyes are feeling especially tired, twice.  It’s not at all greasy or filmy and so you could easily apply it during the day without looking like you have had a terrible accident with a large jug of extra virgin olive oil.

The added bonus is that I Googled the produced when I got home and found out that it’s sold at Sephora.  SEPHORA!  You know the beauty shop where women are quickly ushered into a back room and when you see them next, they only have one kidney, BUT their skin has never looked better?  You get what I’m saying?  Sephora.  This product normally sells for £30 and I got it at flipping TK Maxx for under 10 squids and I still have both of my kidneys.

So far I’m really pleased with the results.

Today – the day of extreme tiredness – and Vince is barely noticeable.

My only suggestion is that don’t you worry your sweet little face about that £30 price tag.  Aren’t your eyes worth it?  And while you’re reflecting on that, I’m going to empty the shelves at my local TK Maxx.


2 thoughts on “Mon Oeil

  1. Katriina

    that is awesome! I don’t have a Vince, but I have the world’s worst dark circles. Will be filling my medicine cabinet STAT.

    1. Living Life as an Expat Parent Post author

      Yeah, I wouldn’t wish a Vince on anybody. Angry? There’s Vince. Tired? There’s Vince. Tearful? There’s Vince. I’m not sure how it’ll actually do with dark circles, but it is definitely helping with the vein. If you use it, let me know what you think.


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