A Looker and a Leader

It’s Mother’s Day in America and my cousin – COUSIN! – has had beautiful flowers DELIVERED to MY Mom.  My MALE COUSIN!  Are you trying to make me look bad?!  But dear cousin, I have something better – your flowers will die, but I hold the power of the pen – the immortal written world.  So Mom, this post is for you because that’s what Mother’s Day is all about – sibling rivalry that isn’t even with one of your siblings.


Truth be told, my Mom is a hottie (I hate that I just used that word).  It’s true.   See for yourself.

This was at my sister’s destination wedding in the Dominican Republic in 2010.  I know you’re probably scanning that palm tree to see if some wrinkled matron is peering out from behind it but I swear to you that my mom is on the  far right.  She is sans Spanx or support hose.  It was just the woman and her sandals.  And I know what you’re thinking ladies; no work done – just a little bit of hair dye, but what woman doesn’t indulge in a bit of colour enhancement by the age of fifty-ahem?  Life is a bit cruel when your mom is hotter than you are.  But I don’t begrudge her — now that my therapist has helped me work through it.

And she’s smokin’, sure, but she’s shown me, by example, how to face life too.  Our family life hasn’t always been easy, but she never let herself emotionally drown in it.   She would allow herself to be sad or angry or frustrated and then she would pick herself back up and face the next day and often with a sense of humour.  That is some serious Mom strength.  And it has seriously meant  that even when life has overwhelmed me, I have allowed myself to feel it and then I pick myself back up.  Thanks for teaching me that you can face most things with a little bit of hope and perspective, Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day.


7 thoughts on “A Looker and a Leader

  1. GRAMS

    Ahhhh, thank you. This left me teary eyed. I love watching you be an AMAZING mother to Layla AND I think you are BEAUTIFUL. Happy Mother’s Day! Kisses…..

    1. Living Life as an Expat Parent Post author

      Yeah, my friends are often shocked when I tell them that she leaps out at me just to scare the bejeezus out of me when I’m home. And then she laughs until she cries. They don’t know what to do with that information. Apparently, it is un-mom-like.


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