Ta-may-toe, Ta-mah-toe: Excitement

Brit-speak: dead chuffed; chuffed to bits

Ameri-speak: pumped

Americanos, imagine you are walking down the street with your British friend as they talk about a job they’ve just been offered.  You are mentally dipping in and out of the conversation as they explain how they’ll get to patrol those crime-ridden shopping malls of suburbia on a Segue in their new role as a security guard, when you hear them say, “And I’m dead chuffed.”  You pause.  You check their complexion. You ask, “Are you alright?”  to which they reply, “Yes, I’m chuffed to bits.”  They are looking a little peaky, actually.  Maybe you should find the nearest bathroom so they can chuff in the toilet.  Or if you can’t locate a bathroom quickly, perhaps you can offer them that Wal-Mart bag that carried your lunch.  Don’t worry.  I know chuffed sounds like something college students do after a pub crawl, but your redcoat companion isn’t about to spew, they are just really excited.

Equally Brits, you and your American friend may be driving down the highway on your way to a professional sporting event.  Your friend, while professing their undying devotion to their favourite football team (that’s throwy ball to you) gets a bit worked up and shouts, “I’m so pumped.”  Perhaps, you feel you may need to roll down the windows, you know, let the air circulate.  You know your friend struggles with lactose intolerance and he did have that large cheese pizza before you set off.  You don’t want him to feel too embarassed when the smell starts to permeate every stitched crevice of the leather interior.  My dear British friend, you need not worry about flatulence.  Like the thrill you feel when the thermometer actually reaches 18+, your friend is simply overjoyed.

And I, readers, am excited, too.  Because of you I’m a Fresh Voice finalist in the BritMums Brilliance in Blogging Awards.  Thanks.  I am one dead pumped chuffed blogger.


10 thoughts on “Ta-may-toe, Ta-mah-toe: Excitement

  1. vegemitevix

    Well done! You so deserve to be chuffed and pumped. Would mid-Atlantic-ish be phumpfed?

  2. Deborah

    Congrats my friend!! Hope you win 🙂 I went to the site you posted on facebook that lists the finalists. Will you attend the party where the winner will be announced? Sounds like a fun event!

    1. Living Life as an Expat Parent Post author

      I’ve looked into it and hmmmed and haaawed about going before I knew I was a finalist. It would be lovely to attend. It’s the money, the money, my friend. ‘Tis not cheap. Who knows, there is time (just barely) yet.


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