The forgotten first “child”

I know he’s not actually a child, but bringing The Big Brown One home almost four years ago was our first real experience of caring for a life that wasn’t our own.  His presence in our lives demanded that we wake for those morning walks, deal with his “bum gifts” left in the local park, or care for him when he was sick.  And with his stupidly sensitive digestive tract, in the first couple of months we were up in the night as many times as parents to newborns are.

We doted on him.  We spoiled him and with each passing month, we began to lift our somewhat strict guidelines more and more.  We howled with laughter until tears began to form in our eyes when he sprayed pee through our lounge, barely missing our friends who had popped in for the day.  He started to learn the word “cheese.”  He ended sleeping on the sofas.  He ended up sleeping in our bed.  That’s okay, you can judge us.  I know it’s not for everyone.  But we just loved that dog.

And we still do.  Had The Duchess not come along and I decided to start a blog for other reasons, I imagine it would’ve been called A Day in the Life of a Big Brown Dog.  It’s not that he is less important to us, but while snuggling him the other day I realize what a backseat The Big Brown One has taken over the last 10 months.  He still gets his walks.  He still gets fed.  He still gets the occasional wrestle.  But the spotlight has shifted.  Becoming a family has been an adjustment for every single member.

I think that he deserves a bit more recognition.  I mean, he really is quite the dog.

Where there is a pillow (or 8), you can find a Big Brown One. This is what he thinks of a freshly made bed.


7 thoughts on “The forgotten first “child”


    Oh bless! He doesn’t seem to be minding the current situation from the look of him in that picture! We have two cats (would love a dog too, but not til we have a bigger place) and I worried about them when we brought our baby home, but it’s panned out really nicely and now she makes a fuss of them as well as us, so in the long-run they win!!


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