Easter issues

Um….I think I may have gone a little overboard.

I blame it on a guilty conscience from St. Nick’s.  I took that guilt that only a Mommy can feel – that feeling of wishing I’d done more- and I hot glued the crap out of it until it was buried under a pile of scalding adhesive.

I present with you with The Duchess’s Easter basket.  

Voilà!  C’est magnifique, non?

To see where I got the inspiration and to be really impressed, hop over to Mabel's Log. http://bit.ly/Ho1ewD

And look at the hand-decorated eggs.  I won’t blame you if you gaze at them for hours in wonderment.  Clearly, American egg dying kits stifled my creativity when I was growing up.  I feel that my egg-decorating gift has finally come to fruition.

Don’t panic.  I don’t expect you to do an Easter basket for your child (unless you’re American – what are you doing with your life?!). I know it’s not really a British thing to do.  I hear you saying it. Chocolate eggs are better, anyway.  You’re right.  And actually, we all know that The Duchess will be able to do absolutely nothing with those  faultless masterpieces that I call Easter eggs.  These are my issues – my glorious, perfectly-painted, egg related issues.

The Native has already said that every year he is going to up the ante and set me a challenge.  Next year he has commissioned me to create a giraffe.

Mission accepted, brutha.  Mission eeeeegg-cepted.

Happy Easter, everyone!


11 thoughts on “Easter issues

  1. Deborah

    Very cute!!! Well done. Check out Tricia B’s facebook. She posted a picture of their animal Easter eggs, very cute as well! You all are so creative. We just had fun with the kit today and then I made egg salad and we’ll have deviled eggs tomorrow for dinner with the rest! 🙂

      1. Deborah

        They are almost too good to be true. 😉 They are pretty artistic in that family, but you may be right. If you find the kit let me know. Also, are those hard boiled eggs that you painted, plastic ones or did you blow out the centers?? Just curious because my parents… I mean the Easter Bunny… never put actual eggs in our basket. In fact I think we would put the eggs we dyed in the basket and then the ehh “Easter Bunny” replaced them with the plastic eggs filled with candy. Then we always mysteriously had slightly colorful deviled eggs with our Easter dinner…very suspicious… I did not put our dyed eggs in the kids baskets because we don’t talk about the Easter bunny, they just got baskets from us today after church. Also all the kids at church were talking about “finding” their Easter baskets. I had never heard of that, ours were just always on the fireplace. Interesting how everyone’s traditions are different. Do they do Easter egg hunts in England or dye eggs?

      2. Trisha Blake

        If you’re talking about our eggs, it was totally a kit 🙂 …from Target. Fun, but not easy! Your eggs were impressive Brittany, as is your blog. Love!

      3. Living Life as an Expat Parent Post author

        Trish, I have to admit, I breathed a sigh of relief when you said kit because I don’t think I could EVER make eggs look that good on my own. They were AMAZING. Haha. Thanks for the blog love. Stop by any old time!

    1. Living Life as an Expat Parent Post author

      …ahem…you mean you didn’t realize they were the most incredible eggs you have ever laid your eyes upon. Sad thing is, I know that with or without The Native’s challenge this is only my first attempt and I am totally going to try to best myself year on year. Who am I?! I compete with myself. (But maybe that’s the best kind of competition?)


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