The Gallery: Extreme Close-up

Months ago, I came across Heather and Mike Spohr’s blog and read an entry they wrote about taking pictures of the details of your children – hands, eyes, nose, mouth – which they have done for both of theirs.  I never planned to take photos like these today, I just had my camera beside me and started snapping.  And I’m so glad I did because as much I’d like to think that, in ten years time, I’ll be able to produce a detailed sketch of every one of the Duchess’s nuances and features, from the smallness of her very pink mouth to the brightness of her eyes to the curves of her perfectly formed ears, I know that eventually those things that are so familiar to me now, will begin to blur into a more general picture in my memory .  Heck, I can’t even remember to wake up for work when reminded to be there THE DAY BEFORE.  *Whips out camera*  I’m going to need more photos.

I even want to remember this face.

Hop over the Tara’s blog to see more interpretations of the Extreme Close-up.


21 thoughts on “The Gallery: Extreme Close-up

  1. The MADs

    Too cute!!

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  2. helloitsgemma

    so so true, they change so quickly and while every new develop is wonderful – little details get lost. A chubby face becomes slimmer etc. I love this idea.
    Her dress is fab too!

  3. Kirsty

    Great photos and a brilliant idea! I started taking a photo every month as a record but abandoned it at some point – I really wish I’d kept it up now.


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