Thank You and Goodnight

The Native is good at so many things.  He can play guitar, is an excellent drummer, taught himself to knit and a lot about graphic design and web coding (I’m still trying to convince him to sort out this site).  I’ve always admired how much he can do, so much so that it’s made me reflect on how I don’t feel that I’ve ever really found a hobby.  I’ve whinged to talked with The Native about my lack of sweet skills over the years and he has constantly encouraged me to explore my passions (which tends to be talking) so that I might discover something I love.  But how do you really translate talking into a hobby?

When I entered maternity leave and the ZOT, it gave me more space to explore what that hobby might be.  Years ago, in university, I’d taken creative writing classes and enjoyed them, but didn’t feel very confident in what I’d put down on paper.  It wasn’t until a professor, named Dr Fuller, specifically asked me to share some pieces from my portfolio with the class that I actually felt encouraged to write.  And now, this whole wild experience of being an expat, a mother, a wife – it brought me back to that.  I wanted to write it down.  Around 7 months and over sixty entries later, and I think The Native, who on posting nights becomes a blog widower, regrets ever pushing me to find a hobby of my own.

Thank you so much if you nominated me for the Brilliance in Blogging “Fresh Voice” Award over at BritMums because I’ve been shortlisted to be a potential finalist and that genuinely excites me more than I can explain. It is just so affirming. How it now works is that the public have until the end of April to vote and the 5 bloggers who receive the most votes will become finalists in their categories.

If you are a reader who enjoys Life of an Expat Parent, could I ask you to consider clicking on the icon below and voting for me in the “Fresh Voice” category?  Please do have a look around at the other blogs as there are some great finds!

Fresh Voices Shortlist

And if you have already nominated me for a BiB, please could I also ask for your kind clicks again to nominate me for a MAD new blog award?

MAD Blog Awards 2012

Thank you so much!  I’m so glad Dr Fuller saw that, perhaps, my confidence just needed a little boost.  Finalist or not, your engagement with what I have to say gives me that little boost and encourages me to stick with it and to keep writing, something I really love to do.


3 thoughts on “Thank You and Goodnight

  1. helloitsgemma

    well done you.
    you have a great writing style.
    I read this post and it echos so much of my own experience, I didn’t have a Dr Fuller, but until I found blogging I hadn’t really had a niche to call my own.
    I also talk – alot.


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