And the Duchees goes to……Holme Steam Mop

I have this weird problem.  Not like an undiagnosed skin rash or a neighbour who hoovers with the windows open in nothing but his socks kind of problem.  It’s just that I really like electronic cleaning products.  I mean it’s not like I’m a clean freak.  Our house is tidy, but not pristine.  Who CAN have a pristine house with a 50lb chocolate labrador?  (Really, who?  Is it actually possible?  I need to know.)

It all started on my 29th birthday when I asked for Lakeland’s Sonic Scrubber.  I know, right?   Living big.  I was nesting and desperate to find something that would actually work on the grouting in our tile-covered bathroom.   We were over at the Role Mama’s and Mr. Role Mama’s house to celebrate and I opened up this miracle product, ran to their bathroom and scrubbed their tiles for 15 minutes, squealing excitedly about how effective it was.  Literally squealing as I was cleaning someone else’s bathroom on my birthday.  Problems…right here.  I’ve got ’em.   

Since then, we moved to this house which has quite a lot of tile and hardwood flooring, and when I tried a couple of mops and felt underwhelmed by the result, I knew the search was on to find that cleaning product that would make me squeal.  Enter the Holme steam mop.

The in-laws did the research and bought it because they have dogs coming out of their noses who love to mud up their kitchen floor (and The Big Brown One would never, ever add to that mess.  *stares ahead*). We borrowed it to see how we felt and after I finished my trial run I basically sprinted to the interwebs, used an Amazon voucher that we received for Christmas (Living BIG), and got one for ourselves.

*In high-pitched voice* Isn't it amazeballs?

What I love:

  • The price.  Most steam mops are double the price.  This is a basic mop, but at £29.99  it does what you want it do and for over half of the price of  most other mops.
  • It sterilizes your floors without using any chemicals or cleaning products.  I don’t like using harsh cleaning products when The Duchess is in the house inhaling them.  Somewhat neurotic, I know, but I told you I have problems.  I don’t worry about what she’s coming in to contact with when she’s scooting about and for the first time ever I’d consider eating off of the kitchen floor.
  • It doesn’t take 500 hundred hours to dry.  Ugh.  Gone are the days of trying to tip toe across a soaking wet kitchen floor, barefoot while I wait those 500 hundreds for it to even show signs of drying, especially in England where it is never warm.  The floor is dry in five minutes.  Kid you not.
  • It has a fitting that you can use to steam your carpets if you get any stains.  I haven’t tried this yet, but having this option right at my fingertips is a godsend when a Big Brown One lives in your house.

The only complaint that I have, and it seems most people agree, is that the power cord is somewhat short.  It does most of our house without a problem, but we need an extension lead to reach the bathroom.

If you need a recommendation, let this be my final word:

I am squealing, people.  Squealing. 


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