Making a House a Home: The Finer Details

This is a link up!

Last month, I wrote a post about my struggle with being a repeat renter.  Six years of renting, 3 different marital homes and with no hope of getting a mortgage, I continued to convince myself over and over again that the property wasn’t worth investing in because we wouldn’t be there for long.  The problem is that this mentality results in my doing nothing to the house and we never really feel like it’s our own space.  I’m tired of that.  I have ideas that are incessantly spinning around my head.  I need an outlet.  Plus, and this plus is quite a big one, even if our names are never on the mortgage I don’t want The Duchess to feel that she is living in a borrowed space.  I want her to feel comfortable and happy wherever we are.

So starting now, I’m chronicling my journey of making this house a home and I’m letting you link up!  The feature today is about details (a funny place to start I know).  You can be a renter; you can be a homeowner. It can be store bought; it can be handmade.  It can be a simple photo or a post that comes with instructions. It can be any room in the house; it can even be a space in the garden.

If there is a detail in your home that you particularly love, put up a link to your blog and have a look around.  You can subscribe (although you don’t have to) by submitting your e-mail in the box at the bottom of the page to receive updates about when you can link up to “Making a House a Home” in the future. Your e-mail isn’t passed on.

The idea is to inspire.

The Finer Details in The Nursery

I’m starting in the nursery because if I want any room in the house to feel finished and homely, it’s hers.  When the Duchess was 20 weeks in utero, we headed down to the local hospital to see what we could see.  I remember my friend saying that it’s the only time in your life that you’d really like your child to expose their gadget or hoo-ha to the world.  Now she’s happy to crawl around with her bum high in the air, but then, at that highly anticipated scan, The Duchess refused to allow a peek.  And that was okay.  We happily accepted it, which meant buying everything in gender neutral tones.  However, I didn’t want to go down the creams and more creams route – and there were A LOT of creams.  I wanted colour.  So when we found Mamas and Papas Hodge Podge bedding, I was in love.

Mamas and Papas beautiful Hodge Podge mobile

Right now, her walls are white.  We’d like to change that, but until we do I wanted to add more accents to her room.  I did it by creating pieces that would attach to her shelves and that tied to the autumnal colours and design in her bedding to make this little space a bit more welcoming.  I was particularly inspired by the shapes and colours in her Hodge Podge mobile.

What I used:

  • 1 piece of cardstock to cut out the shapes of the leaves
  • 1 felt tip pen to trace the leaves onto the felt
  • Fabric scissors
  • 2 different shades of embroidery thread (choose colours to stand out on the felt)
  • 4 different shades of felt (1 10 inch x 10 inch piece each)
  • 1 Darner needle
  • Glue gun and heat resistant pad
  • Adhesive velcro (purchased 1/2 metre at the haberdashery)

How I did it:

1. I drew 3 different sized leaves on cardstock and cut them out.

2. I used a felt tip marker to trace the leaf-shaped pieces of card onto the felt.

3. After cutting the leaves, I hand-stitched each leaf with embroidery thread to create a simple vein down the middle.

4. I then arranged the leaves on a flat surface to equal the length of the shelf.  I didn’t have a particular pattern in mind.  I just placed them down according to what looked right to me.

5. Once I was happy with the placement, I used the glue gun to attach all of the leaves.

6. Finally, I cut and attached small pieces of adhesive velcro to each shelf, about 2 inches apart.  I then stuck the row of leaves onto the two shelves.

It is just a small change and I wasn’t certain about the effect at first, but now I love the space and feel that it’s made that little nook a lot warmer.

The dog has found a happy home.

What finer detail do you love in your home?  Leave a comment or link up below.

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10 thoughts on “Making a House a Home: The Finer Details

  1. First Time Mum

    Such a brilliant idea. I’m a renter and we’ve just moved from a flat to a house so I’m definitely planning on doing lots more to make it home. Can’t wait to see future posts on this and hopefully join in.

    1. Living Life as an Expat Parent Post author

      I would love for you to join in. This link up is open until the 2nd April so you have time to do something, if you would like. I’m hoping to post the next one in two weeks. The theme will be walls, so you can start thinking early! Thanks so much for your comment.

  2. Hannah S

    I love this post as I feel exactly the same about renting – it makes no sense to buy when we’d have to have a loan so huge it terrifies me! But the nesting feelings don’t go away…! I’ve battled with whether to change the dodgy curtains, or paint a room because it’d end up being a waste if we were asked to leave, but we’ve decided a few things are worth it! And they do make a difference! I made curtains with Laura Ashley material on sale (good learning experience for me, not done that before!) for our bedroom which totally changed the atmosphere, and we built a teeny rockery in the corner of our garden where there was just a mess before and that makes it feel like our garden now. The rest so far is down to throws, cushions, tablecloths and other soft furnishings which help too. I love your pics – really inspiring and pretty! Can’t wait to see more posts on this for ideas 🙂

    1. Living Life as an Expat Parent Post author

      Thanks Hannah. Sounds like you’ve done a lovely job. Wish you had a blog yourself, so you could link up. Perhaps you should consider starting one! I should be updating in just over a week with more details of what I’m doing to the nursery. I’m mostly focussing on one room at a time and then will move on to the next. I think it’s the only way my brain can cope with the overwhelming task of all there is to do.

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