Lost in Translation

Oh vey! Me and my expressive face.

Tara, over at Sticky Fingers, is doing a Blogger Wedding Album in the next few weeks and I wanted to join in the fun.  Thinking about our wedding got me thinking about where we are 4.5 years later.  Our relationship has deepened, our family has grown, our house has changed and, like anyone, we have our every day marital miscommunication.

The Native: The Duchess and I were liking Eels this morning.  (The band, not the horrifying jelly-like creature that some Londoners fancy eating and that are sometimes electric, THANK GOODNESS).

Me: You watched Winnie the Pooh?

The Native:  What?  No.  Eels.  We liked Eels.

Me: Eeyore?

The Native: NO!  She was dancing to Eels.  NOT EEYORE!

Me: I don’t know what you’re saying.

The Native: E-E-L-S.  The band!

(In my head in The Native’s accent: EE-OLS.  EE-AW.  EE-OLS.  EE-AW.)  

Isn’t it wonderful to know that some things never change?


2 thoughts on “Lost in Translation

  1. ruthcumming

    Ah this is funny. Nothing like a bit of vocalisation to confuse things 🙂 (Sorry that’s techie speak for when an ‘l’ sounds at the end of a word turns into a ‘w’ sort of sound – I’m a phonetics geek in my paid employment). I’ve had similar experiences in my job, transcribing recordings and trying to figure out whether they’re saying ‘bells’ or ‘boughs’ or something. My accent doesn’t vocalise much, but where I live there’s lots of it around!


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