“Now you got to get used to a hot mouth, but that’s okay.”

Recently, I realized I never mentioned how it all went with Baby Led Weaning after starting this weird food free-for-all months ago.  We have really enjoyed it and are always entertained when we see The Duchess munching on something that seems so adult like rotisserie chicken or shoulder of lamb.  It seems she also has a little flair for the spicier things of life – or hotter things, anyway.  Here is one of her current lunchtime favourites:

An eight month old who enjoys a tiny splash of tabasco.  She seems happy, right?!

Smiling on the outside while my tongue burns with the fire of a thousand suns on the inside.

*Disclaimer: Each baby is different.  Each parent is different.  If in doubt about what foods are appropriate for your child, check with your GP or community midwife first.  The Native says so. *


6 thoughts on ““Now you got to get used to a hot mouth, but that’s okay.”

  1. Simple Miss P

    hooray for an adventurous palate! I think it is a great idea to get children used to lots of different flavours when they are small. They will keep some and reject others as they get older but at least they are used to trying different things.

  2. Ruth

    I totally agree that trying all sorts of flavours is good for them. Our 13-month old eats most things we give him at the moment, or at least tries them with enthusiasm, and that includes curry and spicy things, because that’s what we like to eat.

      1. Ruth

        Ah yes we love chick pea and spinach curry. We had a chicken dish last night based on one by Ainsley Harriott. It’s basically like a chilli con carne but with diced chicked instead of minced beef, and with lots of kidney beans. You serve it with rice, soured cream and some broken tortilla chips on top. My toddler loves it, and ate it all up last night 🙂

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