And the Duchees goes to…Burt’s Bees Baby Bee

Good information and products should be shared. Who’s with me? Since I have the luxury (?) of flying back and forth over the Atlantic at least once every year and get to talk to mamas from different cultures, I also get the chance to pick through the baby products that are available in each country. One part of me loves that I get to compare products; you’ll find the other part of me in a price-comparison-induced fit of rage. I have actually let out a red-faced bellow in Target because of the significantly cheaper American sticker price of this Playskool Elefun Ball Popper that was bought for The Duchess for Christmas in England.

I especially love when I find American products I love in England, because that’s certainly not always the case and so imagine my joy when, during pregnancy, I came across Burt’s Bees Baby Bee products.

North Carolina beeswax goes British, baby

When I was 17, I remember my first encounter with Burt’s Bees products. I had borrowed a girl’s Burt’s Bees chapstick at lunchtime (as teenage girls do – I mean can you imagine saying to your boss at lunch “Hey, can I borrow your chapstick?” and then smearing it all over your Doritos stained mouth?). Having gone through a slue of lip balms to make sure my lips were super soft for the booooys (ahem, boy), as my lips tingled from the peppermint oil, I quickly ruled that it was one of the more worthy chapsticks I’ve come across. And to this day I still believe it. Most seem just to coat your lips in a waxy substance, but this actually seems to help your lips stay hydrated and soft, in the way that you hope a chapstick will. And before the words ‘organic’ ‘all natural’ or ‘paraben free’ became marketing buzz words, Burt’s aimed to use ingredients that were all natural. Clearly, natural ingredients are actually important to them, rather than being a way to win people over.

Upon seeing it and without even reading the label, I knew that Burt’s Bees Baby Bee products would be made up of the good stuff, which perhaps is at the forefront of some parents’ minds given the recent findings about Johnson’s baby shampoo. The Native and I picked up the fragranced shampoo and body wash and the buttermilk lotion. At a pricey £8 each (and PLEASE don’t look up the price and currency conversion in America, it’ll make you vom) I was dubious about whether we’d be replacing them once they ran out. But the first bottle of shampoo and wash actually lasted us the whole of six months. Perhaps because we only bathed her once a week (I’m kidding!). I’d say that’s a pretty good stretch. Some parents would argue that you only need to use water and shouldn’t use fragranced products on a baby because it can irritate their skin, but The Duchess has somewhat sensitive skin and neither the wash nor lotion has ever caused her any problems. Her skin tended to flare up more when we weren’t using it. If you are still anti-fragrance they do sell fragrance free options. We have loved the Burt’s Bees Baby Bee products we’ve used and would certainly spend the money to buy them again. Plus, after a bath they make The Duchess smell like royalty – and that’s saying something considering how often she spews!

And so the first ever Duchees goes to…Burt’s Bees Shampoo and Wash and Buttermilk Lotion. Keep up the good work, Burt’s!

Anyone else used Burt’s stuff before? What say you?


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