John Lewis, You Make Me Weak

Americans, John Lewis isn’t a man.  I mean, I’m sure he is a man somewhere and I’m sure (but not as sure) that at one time there was a John Lewis related to what I’m about to tell you, but this John Lewis is actually a department store in the UK and every year they release a Christmas commercial.  You Brits will know the ones.

Before you roll your eyes, I knooow that the marketing team that came up with this advert must have been paid a handsome sum.  I know, I know that they are trying to sell you their department store in the hopes that you will BUY things from their department store.  They are especially trying to sell their department store to weak parents, like myself.  But even with all of that knowing in my head, this advert can break me.  It can emotionally manipulate me to the point of wanting to wrap my arms around the television and rub my cheek against the screen, all while sobbing hysterically into the bosom of that 2D little boy and as The very real Duchess looks on, baffled.   Too much?   I’m not saying it’s right.  I’m saying the emotional manipulation is working.


5 thoughts on “John Lewis, You Make Me Weak

  1. kopkoffie

    I just watched the youtube video and it was great, completely different form what I expected to see at the end, but that is maybe because I am living in the USA.


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