Christmas Edition – Lush

Ameri-speak: Lush


It’s true, people.  Sometimes the problem is not that Brits or Americans use different words, but sometimes it’s that they have the same words that mean different things.

The Christmas season is upon us which usually consists of office parties where you lovely single people are eyeing up the office hottie while the CEO has a bit too much to drink and gets handsy.  I’ll use both of these instances to explain the meaning of the word lush.

Brit-speak – Scenario #1:Ladies, you’ve got your Spanx on and have just applied your third coat of mascara.  And even though you won’t admit it, you are primping and preening for the office eye candy who you hope will notice you à la Love Actually and all because…he is lush, or in other words, extremely pleasing to look at, smell and be around, in general.

In this edition of Ta-may-toe, Ta-mah-toe Tom Ellis (Miranda)will represent the office hottie as he is The Native's celebrity doppelganger. Photo via:

But don’t worry marrieds, you don’t have to be looking for a new beau to use the word lush.  A meal could be lush.  A new pair of boots could be lush.  Your Euro-mullet could be lush ::ahem to people who are INSANE::  Lush is simply used to describe anything which, by experiencing, you find wonderfully gratifying.

Lush is also a store which, shock of all shocks, started in the West Country and prides itself on producing handmade cosmetics.  You will know a Lush shop is nearby because the overpowering smells spilling into the streets from their bath bombs can be tracked from a mile away.

 Ameri-speak – Scenario #2: The CEO is a bit of tool and everyone knows it, but the Christmas party just proves it in an environment where his tooly-ness can be videoed and put on Youtube.  After his 6th glass of wine, he starts dad dancing to Tom Jones and grabbing the bums of female co-workers, and occasionally the men who have smaller frames.  The thing is this happens every year.  Actually, it happens at any work/social occasion.  Come to think of it, he always has a 10am glass of scotch.  That’s right, your CEO is a lush.  He drinks too much and gets sloppy.  Would you get a hold of yourself, man, and stop writhing around to “I’m Too Sexy.”

Disclaimer: In order to avoid getting dooced, I’d like to say that these are general scenarios and in no way reflect my personal experience of CEOs or office hotties.


4 thoughts on “Christmas Edition – Lush

  1. Alasdair

    Although I have little experience of the west country and much else down the toe-end of the land, the only place I’ve discovered lush to be used with any commonality as adjective like you’ve described has been Newcastle and the north east. In Liverpool it seems interchangeable with ‘boss’. That said, Lush remains the best place to get a Christmas present for a girl.


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