Santa has come early

It’s here.  It arrived in an understated way in a bulky, plain white envelope, but when I saw it on the floor below our mail slot I knew what it was.  I ripped it open, skimmed through the cover letter and starting jumping and dancing in front of The Duchess who kicked her legs, threw her hands in the air, and looked very pleased for me.

A little sticker which only costs us a measly £1000. Photo via

And man does it feel good to see those words.  “Oh, how long is my residency valid for you ask?”  IN-FREAKING-DEFINITELY.

Must start making a list about how to travel with a 7-ish month old transatlantic-ly.  Tips appreciated!

And a little bit less exciting, but still very fun package arrived today from winning a recent giveaway at Simply Semplicita, host of the giveaway, and Very LoveLeigh who donated the Katherine bowband.  I love it, Lauren and Leigh.  Thank you!

It has been a good day for post.

It is finally here.


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