30 Days of Thankfulness Part 3

Today is my final installment of my 3 Days of Giving Thanks in 10’s 30 Days of Thanksgiving.  I’ve realized I only have 9 more to go, because on Day 1 I got overzealous and listed 11.  Clearly, I was feeling the thanks.

Perhaps some would call the past 3 days cheating as I’m sure a part of the idea is that if you spend 30 days thinking of what you’re thankful for, thankfulness just might become something you stop and practice more.  Nonetheless, I’ve found it a really interesting and quite moving way to look back on our year.  Some things I remain thankful for with each passing year, some might seem small (ahem: Reese’s Pieces), but to me they have all genuinely meant something.

I know it’s a bit of a step away from what I usually blog about, but I do hope that you’ve found it interesting to read and that by doing so you’ve found yourself feeling thankful, too.

I am so very thankful for:

1. Good music.  I know you might not count my taste as ‘good,’ but whether you like country music or rap, neo folk or pop, I really do believe that life is better with a bit of music in it.  See if your taste matches mine.  This is one of my favourite finds this year.

2. Having what we need.  We are not rich (by western standards), we are not poor, but we absolutely have everything we need.  Sometimes we have what we need because we have our jobs and can afford it, but other times it’s because people are wonderful.  We have been GIVEN 2 cars since we have been married.  GIVEN CARS!  Thankful, indeed.

3. English chocolate.  Hershey’s you are dead to me.  I’m sorry.  Actually, I’m not sorry.  You will never hold a candle to Cadbury.  Ever.

szqekj....Sorry, I just drooled on the keyboard. image via flickriver.com

4. Living in a free country.  Cheesy, yes, but read the news, listen to stories about girls getting acid thrown on them for trying to get an education simply because they are girls not boys.  I guarantee you’ll stop and be thankful, too.

5. Sports.  I’m serious.  My dad used to be a sports broadcaster and our family is crazy about them.  I mean even if you don’t watch seasonal sports, tell me there isn’t something about cheering your country along in the World Cup or Olympics.  It’s a unifying experience to get behind something.  I love it.

6. Hope.  In our culture (and perhaps more so in the UK than in America) people with a genuine, active faith can be portrayed as archaic and obtuse.  But I do believe in God, I have an active faith, and hope I’m neither.  Instead my faith excites me, drives me to love people more, and gives me hope of something better.  Since having The Duchess the importance of having hope in this life has become more real to me than it ever has before.

7. Visitors.  We have had quite a few this year.  They always get us out seeing the country more.  English?  American?  Living in NZ?  Come see us.  We don’t have very much room so you may have to sleep on a mattress on the floor, BUT we love seeing you when you come.

8. Mary Poppins.  No, not the movie one, but one of the community midwives that came around to visit me after I had The Duchess.  She came to our house 2 days after I gave birth and she tacked us on at the very end of her day because The Duchess was becoming jaundiced and spitting up blood.  I had been pretty calm until then, but that day I was worried new mom who cried….hard.  She was wonderful with me and The Duchess and had such a calming influence.  I dubbed her Mary Poppins.

The beginning of the best of days

9. Love.  My heart has never been fuller than it has been this year.  Love is sometimes painful.  Love is sometimes difficult.  Love is often hard work.  But love is also fulfilling, overwhelmingly beautiful, and oh, it is so worth it.


10 thoughts on “30 Days of Thankfulness Part 3

  1. christy

    Am I your stalker with comments? 🙂 Grin. Love you. And Love you list. And totally agree with the Cadbury’s /Hersheys now being dead to us thing. 🙂 But you know that.

  2. The Role Mama

    Mary Poppins – I LOVED her too! Totally with you on being thankful to her during, and after, having babies!

  3. Liz

    I loved your 30 days of Thanksgiving! Did you know that there are Reece’s cups that come two per package, that are a HALF POUND EACH!?!?!?! I can certainly send you some, if you’d like! I’m absolutely shocked that Cadbury’s is British! Now I want Easter to come around…

    A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down… You’re making me want to move to the UK so much more now!

    1. Living Life as an Expat Parent Post author

      Haha, British people would’ve bristled at that statement. Ha! It is a British institution, indeed and it actually tastes better in the UK because US production factories seem to do something different to it. I will never go back to Hershey’s!

  4. Deborah

    Cadbury’s is amazing… I discovered it (in bar form as opposed to the gross cadbury eggs we see at Easter) while in Australia…. I think it still tastes pretty good here, but maybe that’s because I’ve only had the Australian made and not the British made… So glad I discovered it, it is so much better than the eggs that have made them famous in the USA.


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