30 Days of Thankfulness Part 2

As promised, here are my next 10 reasons why I find myself very thankful for the events of this past year.

I am so very thankful for:

  1. Reese’s Pieces making their way to the UK.   They are an American sweet.  Months ago when passing an end of aisle sweets display I had to stop, do a double take, and then a triple take because Reese’s Pieces were staring me in the face.  The Native always jokes that I buy them like they are going to disappear (6 bags at a time).  What if they do?!  I need to stock up!
  2. The Best Friend and her husband who came to visit and treated us to a little holiday in Cornwall.  It was our first family holiday and was so refreshing.  I genuinely think that those Cornish coastlines do something for the soul.
  3. My family’s health.  There was a health scare this year which could have been fatal, but thankfully was caught in time.  Thankful is not the word.
  4. The Big Brown One.  He was the first addition to our family and although he couldn’t quite figure her out at first (Is she a puppy?  Do I play with her?  What does she do?), he is great with The Duchess and they are growing to be best of friends.  They genuinely get so excited at the sight of each other.

    The Big Brown One guarding The Duchess in her earliest days

  5. Town centres.  Where America’s shops and restaurants are spread out and plopped anywhere there is an open space, British cities and towns have centres where everyone goes to shop, dine, etc.  I love being able to stroll in with The Duchess and explore.   It’s nice to get out!
  6. Friends who keep in touch.  Being an expat can mean that you sometimes feel forgotten or that life has moved on back ‘home’ without you.  I love that I have friends who are intentional about knowing what’s going on in my life.
  7. Cheap airline tickets.  My Dad works for an airline which means it makes it much easier for us to get home and see people more often.  Amazing!
  8. Living in a country that has close access to other cultures.  I love that living in England means that it’s not that expensive to nip over to the continent where there are so many different cultures in such a small proximity.  I haven’t been able to do it in years, but hopefully soon.
  9. My job.  Although I LOVE being a Mom and that has made the thought of going back to work difficult, I also have a great job with a great boss.  I work in youth homelessness and get real job satisfaction when I see that what we are doing makes a difference.
  10. The Role Mama and Mr Role Mama and the offspring.  They are some of our very dearest friends. We have shared so much together that we honestly consider them family.  We know that they are not perfect, but their laid-back parenting style coupled with their resolve to instill good manners, right v wrong, and respect in their children is something that we learn so much about by being in their lives.  I totally believe in parenting in communities and as our children get older, they are people we want to parent our children alongside.

 Check back tomorrow for the final 10….


One thought on “30 Days of Thankfulness Part 2

  1. Sheila Herd

    My penfriend bought Reese’s peanut butter (can’t fully remember the name) sweets over, heard they were really big in the U.S., have to say I do think Cadbury’s chocolate can’t be beaten but maybe just a case of different tastes and what we’re used to.

    It was really interesting to hear you praise the NHS, we take it so much for granted over here don’t we??

    Really interesting blog!


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