30 Days of Thankfulness

In the States there are some people participating in a whole month of thanksgiving called 30 Days of Thankfulness.   Each day of the month they share one thing for which they are thankful.  I love this idea, but am clearly a bit behind on the times so decided I’d spend this weekend catching up in 3 installments.  Here are my first 10.

I am so very thankful for:

  1.  My husband, The Native, who is always patient, often hilarious (honey, you know that an ‘always’ would give you license to do your terrible impersonations), and, by example, helps me to become a better person with each passing year.
  2. The too cute Duchess.  She came into our lives quickly (read: we nearly had an unplanned home birth) and has made them better, richer and fuller than they ever were before.
  3. The National Health Service (NHS).  I continue to sing their praises.  We were in and out of hospital for a few weeks after The Duchess was born because she had two quite pronounced cephalohematomas.  Since then, we have had no medical bills to speak of and even though the visits were exhausting, they were so intensive in their care for her.  If I lived in America, we’d be paying that off for yeeeears, along with the bill for her delivery.  And that certainly wasn’t the first time they’ve sorted me out and saved my wallet from getting a thrashing.

    The Duchess with her Daddy on her birthday

  4. My Mom.  She arrived in the UK the day after I gave birth and stayed for 3 weeks to take care of me, take care of The Duchess and take care of the house.  She dusted, ironed, vacuumed, did washing up, hung laundry, changed nappies, gave cuddles (to both me and The Duchess).  She was awesome and so helpful to The Native and me.
  5. My Dad.  He couldn’t come over with my Mom, and when he tried to come later an emergency came up only days before he was meant to depart which meant he couldn’t make it.  He hasn’t met The Duchess face-to-face and he has never complained or made me feel guilty.  He makes a fuss of her and entertains her on Skype, each week.  She loves him.  Can’t wait until they have playtime in the same room!
  6. Skype.  See above.  For all of the bad things technology can be used for, I am seriously oh so thankful for a free video calling service instead of being reliant on a patchy phone line and paper and pen like I would’ve been 15-20 years ago. Thank you, interweb!
  7. The Native’s parents.  They bend over backwards to help us out.  All.Of.The.Time.  They look after The Big Brown One, are helping with The Duchess when I go back to work, feed us good food, drive us to and from airports.  Current example, after reading my post they gave us their tumble dryer!  I mean, come on people!
  8. Expense aside, The Sister and nephew made a point to come and stay for a week because they just had to meet The Duchess.  We did miss you, B-I-L.  My sister has especially made a fuss of her and has shipped her many a cute American outfit.
  9. Our new B-I-L.  The Native’s sister got married this year and it was a lovely day that all 3 of us got to take part in and the guy she’s married isn’t too bad either (read:we are big fans). Love seeing the family expand.

    Traditional English Church Wedding -- The stuff of fairytales

  10. Our new nephew, born only 9 days before The Duchess.  He is a happy, laidback character who loves his cuddles.  I have a feeling The Duchess will be leading him astray in the years to come.
  11. All that The Brother has accomplished.  Without going into all of the specifics, he’s had some difficult times over the past few years and he has picked himself up, dusted himself off and is moving forward.  Super proud and super thankful.

To see the next 10 check back tomorrow….


4 thoughts on “30 Days of Thankfulness

  1. christy

    I love your family. And totally agree with #1 the Native being your perfect match. 🙂 and #7 the Native’s parents being amazingggggg! They have made me feel loved and looked after on more than one occasion and I live on the other side of the country! I have them high on my list of respected people. 🙂


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