Ameri-speak: What’s up?

Brit-speak: Y’alright?

I was still new blood in the UK and standing amongst a group of people when someone I had recently met slid in beside me and asked, “You alright?”  I felt myself bristle.  Did I LOOK like something was wrong?  Nothing felt wrong.  Did I look injured?  Scared?  Upset?  I said back defensively, “Yeah, why?”  Turns out that’s what the Brits say to say hello to one another.  Americanos, The proper response in return is, “Yeah. You alright?” or a simple, “Y’alright?”

And in that same way, that’s how Americans treat “What’s up?”  When I first moved here and would still say “What’s up?” to my British friends, a worried expression would come across their faces and they would try to find the right reply.  They would fail with a tentative, “Yeah.  Gooood.”  British friends, the right response to this question even if you have just become the emperor of the universe is, ‘Nothing, what’s up with you?’  (After this reply, you can then tell them about your new galactic position.)


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