To My Husband

This month, The Native and I celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary and boy, what a year it has been!  Our lives and relationship with one another have changed dramatically since The Duchess has come along, but I believe we’d both say for the better.  I love being a family, but I especially love that I get to be in a family with him so I thought I’d take this blog-ortunity to write about my British boy.

When we were only dating years ago, my plan was to move back to the States, start a career, and see where they wind blew me.  He had never been to America at that point, but he looked into moving over to live near me.  Once he found out that it is quite difficult to get a green card or work visa to the States if you have no connections there, he realized he’d have to ask a difficult question of me.  “Will you consider staying here?”  Flatly, I immediately replied, “No.”  I then let my stubbornness lift and let myself toy with the idea.  The result was to see if the wind was actually saying, “I’m blowing you towards this man, who really fancies you and who happens to live in England.”

I just want to say it like it is.  American or British, I married the best man I’ve ever known and here are only a few reasons why (try not to turn green with envy as you read on….he is taken, ladies):

  • He makes me laugh until my stomach hurts.  Often.  Our humour is weird, but thankfully we’re both in on it.
  • He works 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday, but still gets up and walks the dog before work, comes home and walks the dog after work, baths The Duchess (his favourite chore, he says) and regularly makes dinner.  I realize this one doesn’t make me look too good!
  • He is kind-hearted and softly spoken.  No American Alpha Male here or British one, for that matter.  Some may misunderstand this as wimpy, but he has never said an unkind word to me.  He has never raised his voice.  I can’t even ever recall him hurting my feelings.  Ever.  If this is wimpy, then consider me a wimp woman!
  • He helps with the chores all of the time without me asking.  Sometimes I’ll come in to find him hoovering (vacuuming) or throwing a load of washing on or hanging clothes out on the line.
  • He is proud that I’m American.  He takes interest in my culture and country.  He cheers for my teams.  He loves my family and friends.  He loves American food.  He misses it and them when we are away for too long.
  • When I sing silly songs to The Duchess he joins in without even hesitating, often trying to harmonize or add layers to my verses.
  • He has a  British accent.  American ladies, it has to be said, right?
  • He is a self-teacher and really talented.  I really believe that if he wanted to, he could teach himself anything.  He has taught himself how to play guitar and drums, to build websites, knit, and to make origami flowers for our first anniversary, and this is a short list on a long list of accomplishments.
  • He is a self-sacrificing daddy. He changes nappies, gives good cuddles, cleans up sick, and regularly helps during those Mombie-inducing  nights and in the aftermath the next morning.  He would do anything for her and for me. I wish he was at home with us every day and so does he.
  • And for our 4th anniversary (The flower and fruit anniversary by UK tradition) he has surprised me with a mini holiday, having revealed the trip to me by splitting an apple, carving out a hole inside, and putting it back together again with the little note stored in the hole.  Awesome.

Message in an apple

Husbands don’t come any better.  I am so glad I’ve married The Native because as each year in the UK passes I realize more and more that home isn’t about where I’m from or where I live, home is about being where he is, my lovely, British boy.


7 thoughts on “To My Husband

  1. Lauren

    Aww, I love JM! It’s officially the 20th over there….so happy anniversary! Love you guys! 🙂 Such a cute idea with the apple. Where are you going??

  2. Deborah

    Aww.. He sounds like an awesome guy! 🙂 I have to confess I”m a little jealous of the cleaning without being asked… When I read this post I thought about all the times you and I would talk about our “boy problems” at lunch or at church. It’s cool to look back and see that the guys we both got are so much better than all of those other boys who use to stress us out! 🙂

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