Do the Bump

Over the weekend all three of us were in the wedding of the Native’s sister (my sister-in-law).  It figures that although The Duchess quite regularly sleeps wonderfully at night, the night before the wedding she was up at 1:30am and didn’t really settle well until 6am.  The next morning, I wanted to bellow from the rooftop, “World, watch out!  Mombie on the loose!”  When it comes to the intensity of my Mombie-ness, I feel I need to say no more than this as an explanation….when I stepped under the showerhead the next morning it was with glad anticipation, ready to welcome that gloriously warm water on my tired eyes until I realized that I still had my bra on.  Yikes.

The wedding was beautiful and a really wonderful day and The Duchess behaved herself  and looked like a little fairy princess.  No screams at those crucial moments in the day.  No tucking and running.  Even though she was a bit unhappy during the meal, it didn’t matter because the room was really noisy.  Wedding number two=success.

The Native and I agreed that after the wedding we would finally move The Duchess into her cot (crib).  Yes, she IS over 4 months old and yes, I CAN hear your murmurs of judgment through cyberspace.  The thing is, we’ve loved having her in our room with us, I guess because she sleeps well and quietly.  And the best part of my day for months has been rolling over in the mornings and peering, bleary-eyed, over her Moses Basket to see her huge grin telling me that it is time to start the day.  So good.

Since her first night in her cot was last night, I decided to take off the bumper because while it’s normal to have all-around bumpers in the US (even though I know some choose not to), the UK do bumpers for the top end of the cot only, unless they are the breathable bumpers.  And even then, they advise that you remove the bumper once the baby is more mobile.  This is because of the warnings about bumpers potentially being a suffocation hazard and a suspected contributor to cot death (SIDS).  Here’s an example:

Suspect having a bumper at the top carries the same risk as having it everywhere! (photo via Ella & Otto)

Today, I popped her in her cot while I got together things for her swim lesson.  This is how I found her.

I think she was trying to free the kitty cat on her bum

She was happy, but it has made me think again about whether to bump or not to bump.  I suspect this will only be an issue when she’s playing rather than when she’s sleeping, so for now, even though they are incredibly cute, we continue to go bumperless.


4 thoughts on “Do the Bump

    1. Living Life as an Expat Parent Post author

      Well, that seals the deal. I always wondered why not using bumpers was emphasized over here, but everyone I knew in America seemed to use them. I felt the discrepancy meant that maybe it was okay (and I wanted it to be okay because hers is so lovely!) Looks like the cot will remain bumperless, which is fine by me. She sleeps in a gro-bag at night, so those chubby legs shouldn’t get caught in the bars, anyway. Thanks for the interesting link, Sister. xo

      1. Rosie

        Do you guys know that this is now a link to a story about a guy with a 100lb scrotum…?

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