Roadtrip Revisited

I thought I’d revisit our Cornish roadtrip to let you know how the ol’ packing went and to share what I’ve learned from Family Getaway #1.  I planned for some things well, others….not so well.  Thanks to a well-equipped holiday home and the Best Friend, I found the things I needed which is good because the nearest large supermarket was probably 45minutes to an hour away.

#1)  We needed the baby carrier.  We didn’t even use the pram (stroller) once. While America is renowned for its straight, smooth roads and 90° turns, England is famous for its small two-lane roads fit for a singular go-kart and its rolling countryside.  So a walk to the beach isn’t really a walk to the beach at all.  You have to drive down treacherous lanes which one American car wouldn’t fit down, let alone two and, once parked, literally hike down to the seaside taking your life (and the well-being of your beach goodies) into your own hands.  For some of the most beautiful coastline I’ve ever seen, it’s worth it, but I still entrusted my calm, native husband with carting around The Duchess.  He was more confident than I would’ve been and took her down in the baby carrier.  I carried the towels.  I still felt like I was going to die.

The ‘walk’ down the cliff to the beach 

#2)  Stain Remover.  One of my British best friends is a mother to two.  I shall call her the Role Mama as she’s the one I went to throughout the pregnancy about advice from pram purchase to antenatal appointments.  After speaking with her about our getaway, one of the many helpful things she suggested was taking away some stain remover.  She said if there is a favourite item of clothing that gets soiled, you can treat it right away and hopefully save that dress that The Duchess looks oh so cute in.  I thought, “What great advice!” and then didn’t follow it.  Figures.  We were only away for 3 days and I thought it would be fine.  First night of our stay—another poo-nami hits.  The Duchess gets poo all over her clothes, including one of our favourite sleepsuits.  Thankfully, the holiday home we were staying in had stocked up on supplies so I applied the stain remover and saved her cute little pj’s.

#3)  The sterilizer issue.  No, I didn’t take our enormous steam sterilizer.  Nor did I take microwaveable sterilising bags.  I naively thought it’d be fine.  Mistake.  Even with her dummy clips, there is no amount of preparation that can fend off sand.  It finds every crack and crevice and seems to love the slobbery surface of a freshly sucked dummy.  I hadn’t really considered that.  Best Friend seemed to consider everything and brought along sterilizing wipes.  I haven’t seen them in the UK, but found them on Amazon and will definitely be stocking up for our upcoming transatlantic flights!

The learning curve is as steep as a Cornish coastal cliff (how about THAT alliteration), but I’m climbing along.


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