Operation Poo Watch 2.0

Welcome to my life as an expat parent, where I’ve decided to welcome the world into my adventures not only as a new mom, but as a mom living in another culture…technically, a mum living in another culture.  Hopefully, it’ll be an opportunity to share information and ideas, but also it’ll be a fun chance to learn about what happens in American and British cultures when it comes to bringing up your little ones.

And what better way to break the ice than to begin on the topic of poo.  Just under three months ago when I had my daughter, who I will refer to as “The Duchess” in honour of this year’s Royal Wedding, I was told by the community midwife that as a breastfed baby there would come a period where her digestive system would take in the nutrients it needed from the breastmilk more efficiently and so she may go days without doing her business.  This didn’t become a reality until a couple weeks ago.  The first time around she went four days without going and my husband affectionately dubbed it,  “Operation Poo Watch” as we worried that not going would make her uncomfortable and distressed.  She was fine, however, and the day she finally decided to ‘make it happen’ I changed five dirty nappies (or diapers depending on who you are).

Well, Operation Poo Watch 2.0 has occurred this week and after another four days without going I can confirm that OPW 2.0 is complete and with disastrous results.  After getting up, showered and ready I woke The Duchess and got her changed and dressed, as well.  We then sat down in The Chair of Goodness, where nice things like getting milk happen.  During the feed, I could see from her red face and concentrated grunts that she was trying to move things along, shall we say.  I was pleased for her as she was bound to feel a little bit of relief after that many days.  I sat her up in my lap and was enjoying what I thought was a lovely cuddle when I felt a warm trickle down my right side.  Knowing this wasn’t spit up, I quickly looked down and saw what I can only refer to as a poo-nami, (def: a mixture of rapidly flowing pee and poo staining and destroying anything in its path) which had made its way out of her nappy, onto my shorts and was running towards the chair.  Not only did The Duchess need a good wash down, but Mummy needed a bath as the poo-nami had leaked through my own shorts onto my under-things.  It was not pretty.

Due to poo-related things I’ve already had to get rid of one bodysuit/onsie, so as I listen to the washing machine rinse away the aftermath of this morning’s destruction, my questions are: 


  • Which nappies/diapers do you use that are good at controlling leaks?  Disposables?  Re-usables? 
  • AND which tried and true methods do you use to get those nasty stains off of clothing, but that won’t be harsh on baby’s skin? 

6 thoughts on “Operation Poo Watch 2.0

  1. Kristina

    I believe that Dreft has a stain-remover. I used Dreft detergent when mine where babies. I do use Oxy-Clean spray now, and it works WONDERS!! It gets out every stain!
    I’ve never tried using cloth diapers, we’ve always been a Pampers bunch (except my middle, Aubree, was allergic and we had to use Huggies, which leaked horribly for us).
    Good luck with all the poo, LOL

  2. Deborah

    Funny to hear about one of your key mommyhood initiations… getting poo’d on. 😉 Emmy is also legendary for saving it all up and exploding one day. For awhile it seemed like she enjoyed saving it until her diaper was off and letting it all go on the changing pad (especially if I didn’t have a cover on it at the time, because that means its really going to go everywhere on the nice slick surface that doesn’t absorb anything!)
    I think every kid is different as far as what diapers work for them… Landon is a pampers kid, but huggies seem to work better for Emmy. However when there is a poonami (I think that’s what you called it) I think it take a miracle to hold it all in.
    I like your blog idea… its cute to hear even the small difference of what you call different things (cuddle, nappy, etc) It reminds me of my Australian friends. I also am curious how it feels raising a child in a different culture with a husband from that culture…It seems like you may be outnumbered. I’m adding you to my favorites 🙂

  3. Lauren

    Do I really get to be the first to leave a comment on your blog?? Woohoo! (I must say, I’ve always enjoyed your blogs and hate that you start them and then let them die off…haha). Anyway, I have NO idea what kind of diapers you guys have over there, but on this side of the pond, I’ve tried all the major brands and have even tried Kroger-brand. I’d probably say I’ve been the most pleased with Luvs. Not as expensive as Pampers, and don’t feel really damp with the kiddo is wet, like Huggies tend to. Also, I’ve had pretty good success getting stains out with Spray ‘n Wash with Resolve. Hope that helps some, “mum.” 🙂 ~Lauren

  4. Living Life as an Expat Parent Post author

    Interesting, ladies of America. A couple of things. It sounds like Luvs tend to be pretty good. Shame that we don’t have them over here. Boo! Also, I don’t think we have Dreft either, although I think I may be able to get my hands on some Oxy-Clean, which a couple of people have mentioned. The problem is that The Duchess has had a touch of baby eczema so I have to be careful about what I use, just in case her skin breaks out. I’m curious about whether Oxy-Clean would cause any reaction as I can’t imagine that its contents are mild. Anybody used this stuff with a little one who suffers from a touch of eczema??

  5. Deborah

    I use Shout stain remover and Tide Free. Both my kids have a tendency to get Eczema from time to time. I don’t notice a correlation between getting it and wearing an outfit that has been treated with the Shout. My doctor told me to use an over the counter hydrocortizone cream on the eczema spot. That works really well for us, it usually clears it right up. I also notice being consistent with lotion every night and morning keeps the eczema away (we use Jergens Ultra healing).

  6. Sister

    Hi Sister

    We’ve used oxy-clean for our tough stains and its never affected my eczema. I know baby skin is a bit more sensitive but its never been an issue here! Let me know if you need something shipped over.


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